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Fishing Frames That Change The Game of Comfort, Functionality & Style


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Lightweight, nimble & Amazing in low water

Our "Rocky Mountain" fishing frame sets the bar

We designed our Rocky Mountain Series frames for one of our customers in Montana.  He and his wife are avid boaters and anglers with too much time on their hands.  He wanted a super narrow and lightweight boat that could go anywhere, anytime of year.  It had to disassemble quickly to shed weight so he could load it on his trucks roof rack or pack it on a plane flight.  It had to be super adjustable so his vertically challenged wife could row and he could fish.  It also had to easily become a fun whitewater play boat by quickly shedding anchors and seats.  What he ended up with was our Rocky Mountain Series.  We think the Aire Puma series are the perfect boats for this frame, but we can build it to fit anything you want.      


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Features & Options



The world is your oyster.....or trout, or steelhead, or pike, or bass......


For Those of You That Don't Take Life Sitting Down, Meet Our Stand-Up Casting Platforms

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