Deluxe aluminium cargo raft frame

Deluxe aluminium cargo raft frame

from 1,200.00

This is our base Deluxe Aluminium Cargo frame.  Start with this and add accessories to make it exactly how you want it.     


"81 1/2"  frame includes 2- 16 1/2" openings for 16" latch in dry boxes,
latch in bench seats or drop bags and a 19" x 42" cooler opening for up to
a 150 qt cooler, one full set up upper and lower cooler cambuckle straps
and slings, one set of 6 1/2" oar towers with mounting hardware and a
rowers side cup/can holder.    The 74 1/2" frame includes all of the same
only the dry box, latch in bench seat or drop bag bracket openings are 13
1/2" and the cooler section is 17" x 40" for up to a 100 qt cooler. NOTE:
Rowers Footbar NOT included and must be added. Please see multiple footbar
options available.

* 15 business day lead time often required for manufacturing

* Flat rate shipping charges may vary slightly at time of shipment if delivery is outside of OR, WA, ID, CO, CA, MT. 

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