Quick Release Adjustable Seat Slider Kit

Quick Release Adjustable Seat Slider Kit


This is the ultimate in rower comfort and adjustability.  Our sliders make it so your raft seat is adjustable just like a manual car seat.  Pull the lever and slide forward or backwards with up to 7" of adjustability.  This is great for quickly changing rowers or just for getting your setup exactly right.  This kit attaches with rivets, bolts OR Preferably Welds to our Dry-boxes and releases the seat with 4 quick release pins. This keeps the slider brackets with the seat and leaves the base brackets bolted OR PREFERABLY welded to Dry-box lid. Specifically designed for our High and Low backed seats.  Available in 2 standard sizes:13" and 16", call for custom sizing or special applications.

*Drybox, Seat & Installation not included. 

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