Privacy Policy

Recretec, Inc. ("Recretec") is an Oregon company operating this web site offering raft frame and raft frame components. As part of our service, we ordinarily collect certain information from our customers necessary to create the high quality, custom, rafting frames we specialize in. The information we collect from our customers usually includes names, postal and email addresses, and other data unique to the specific items being purchased by the customer.

Recretec's privacy policy is simple and strict; we do not disclose any customer information to third parties without the customer's explicit, knowing consent. Our in-house staff may review the information if necessary to assist with a technical problem, reply to inquiries or resolve billing issues. Moreover, all information supplied as part of a credit card purchase is encrypted and processed on our secure server to prevent fraudulent interception.

On this web site, "session cookies" are enabled. A cookie is a very small data file sent from Recretec's server to the customer's hard drive. Using the cookies enables customers to maintain their shopping cart from multiple sessions. The cookie also allows the customer to log in to the web site to customize their experience. The only data in the cookie is a unique customer ID number. Recretec does not use cookies for any other purpose.

Finally, Recretec tracks the number of hits to its web site, the search terms used to "find" Recretec's web site, and the IP ("Internet Protocol") address of each visitor. None of the foregoing data allows Recretec to identify with particularity the names, addresses or other information about these visitors. This information is used to assist Recretec with its own marketing efforts.

Refund Policy

You must obtain a return authorization from Recretec to return any of our products. You will be responsible to pay return shipping. Recretec offers a full refund of the purchase price within 10 days of purchase. Between 10 and 30 days of purchase there will be a 20% restocking fee. After 30 days All sales are final.